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We support missionaries and various organizations all over the world whose purpose is to bring the hope of the gospel to people everywhere. Members are encouraged both to go and to support others by making a prayerful financial commitment.

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Jun and Christine (Davenport) Apatan, partnering with CTEN


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Jun and Christine (Davenport) Apatan serve with CTEN (Commission to Every Nation) on the island of Bohol in the central Philippines.  Since 2018, Christine has been serving with a local church (Juagdan ECCU) to provide a caring environment of English language learning for the local community. 

In 2020, she and Jun were married on Bohol.  Together, they support each other in teaching English, mentoring, preaching, translating, and sharing the love of Christ.  Looking ahead, the Apatans hope to build a small dormitory near the local high school to support students who travel from a neighboring island and to provide them with Bible studies, life skills training, and mentoring.


Mexico and Carribean

Luis and Ana Pellecer, Resonate Global Mission

As Resonate’s Mexico and Caribbean Regional Mission Leader, it is my responsibility to lead, encourage, and support missionaries, volunteers, and interns, as well as missionary teams in Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

One of my personal ministry passions is to develop and train leaders. In recent years I have had the opportunity to train lay pastors and leaders in various countries, utilizing the Timothy Leadership Training program as a tool. I have seen the impact on the life and ministry of those who have completed the program. They have gained Bible knowledge, sharpened their God given gifts, and have gained confidence. These lay pastors and leaders are planting churches. Congregations are growing numerically and in their stewardship of financial resources, and now they are training others in their communities.


Middle East

Steve and Frankie

Networking people and services together for support and encouragement
Teaching pastors English for advanced degrees
Networking Middle Eastern leaders from around the world for support and encouragement
Encouraging pastors through visiting, prayer times, and seminars
Teaching pastors about their Middle Eastern heritage to build an appreciation and self image.
Leading tours and vision trips to broaden the knowledge of the western church of the Middle east, the Bible, and the minority church here.
Supporting local International English churches.
Hospitality and counseling for other workers in the area.


Dominican Republic

Stephen and Sandra Brauning, Resonate Global Mission
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Serving as members of Resonate Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions) Dominican Republic team since 1991,
Steve is involved with ministries including church leadership development and training and Christian school development,
and Sandra teaches at the International School of Santo Domingo.



Mark and Altia Legters, Nation to Nation International

Mark and Altia Letgers, and their two children

As a 4th generation missionary, and great grandson of L.L. Legters, co-founder of Wycliffe, Mark is no stranger to missions. He and his wife, Altia serve in Merida, Mexico, in southeastern Mexico, where their ministry includes three main areas. First, they pastor a young, growing church with about 100 members, mostly new Christians. They are also board members and teachers at a new Bible school that trains local pastors and church members with a two-year foundations curriculum, designed for students who have no church background. Finally, they provide services to the community in the form of business training, mentoring, and arts education with local schools. Their goal and heart’s desire is to equip local Christians to impact their own communities with the gospel through the testimony of their lives, their service and their love.


Latin America

José and Lisa Chambilla, Wycliffe Bible Translators
Laura, Samuel, and Ruthie
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Jose and Lisa Chambilla and family

José and Lisa met on the mission field and were married June 24, 2006 in Lima, Peru.

After serving in various support roles for 15 years in Peru, Wycliffe asked the Chambillas to move to Dallas, Texas, in order to fill a crucial role in Computer Technical Support. Residing in Dallas is strategic to connect with other computer staff, and work with the many staff that pass through the Americas office.

The impact of José’s help is now greater than ever.

Lisa has two part-time assignments – at the front desk in the Wycliffe Clinic and as Coordinator of Spanish Translations


Many indigenous people are blessed each day as they hear the gospel in their own language. Thank you for being a part of this ministry.



George and Sarah de Vuyst, Resonate Global Mission
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de Vuyst family

The DeVuysts have been serving with Resonate Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions) in Ukraine since 1998. They are currently serving in Kiev. Together with their partners, they are training church leaders in Ukraine’s post-Soviet, post-Christian, and post-atheist society in order to develop healthy churches so that the Kingdom of God transforms all areas of life and society. They envision a partnership with the Timothy Leadership Training Institute to be a critical step in shaping healthy, Christ-like leaders who can bring God’s Kingdom to restore broken lives, relationships, and society in post-communist Eastern Europe. George and his wife, Sarah, have three children – Abigail, Matthew and Elizabeth.