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H.O.F Elder & Deacon Teams

Download PDF: 2023-2024 HOF

Household #1

Elder: Tim Keller

Deacon: Randy Bootsma

Household #2

Elder: Mike Traynor

Deacon: Norm Meekhof

Household #3

Elder: Ernie Vroom

Deacon: Dan Shepard

Household #4

Elder: Dave Tuls

Deacon: Phil Feikema

Household #5

Elder: Doug Waldo

Deacon: Bernie Bandstra

Household #6

Elder: Mike McCoy

Deacon: Ron Sikkema

Household #7

Elder: Gary Ritsema

Deacon: Cameron Pasco

Household #8

Elder: Nathaniel Hakes

Deacon: Clay Waite